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A Broken-Winged Eagle


I was greatly ministered to

"I read the book 3 times! Now I tell myself the book’s loving messages when I’m dealing with my own heartache."


This book offers real HOPE!

"It is filled with such thoughtful and great writing. It is easy to understand for someone with my mind right now."


Hope-filled stories

"I nearly drove myself crazy trying to solve the terrible puzzle of why my loved one caused their own death. Bless you for sharing your stories. Jesus’ Spirit is in your book.”


Your words in this book have freed me

"I feel free to grieve, even when it's ugly and angry. After reading this book I know that I am not unholy but that I merely have a hole in my heart."


Beautifully written

"Practical instruction to use for those who’ve unexpectedly stepped into the season of grief while planting seeds of TRUTH into my own soul, as well. I am SO very thankful!”


This book is a work of art!

"It ministered to my heart. I didn’t think a book could do that to me anymore! Thank you for this contribution to our society.”


God alone is the answer

"Her reverence for those grieving and her commitment to joy will give you a real and authentic way to process through your own inner healing or that of someone you love."


Highly recommend it!

“This book is written with so much beauty and truth. It is helping me understand what a grieving person is suffering with. I love it and highly recommend it.”


Everyone should read this book

"I think everyone should read this book because sooner or later grief knocks on our door without asking permission, and no one is quite ready for the devastating tsunami of emotions that follow. To be honest, I shed a few tears while reading this book because the stories are real, the pain is real, but then so is the healing."


I love the realness

"I was fresh with truth from your book ...

I anxiously await your next book.”


Your book has taught me how to see grief

"This beautiful writing has given me so much more insight as to the how, when and why to approach someone that is grieving the loss of a loved one. I encourage those that have this book to underline, make notes, and put this into practice!"


Excellent book!

"This book is for everyone. Those that are grieving, and those who know someone that is grieving.”

The Master Gardener


This book is for every person

"This book is for every person to see what needs to be healed in their soul and for them to ask the Master teacher to take them on a journey of SALVATION, DELIVERANCE, HEALING, and for the restoration of PURPOSE."


This book is a super treasure!

"Thank you for being used by the Holy Spirit to bring such an amazing book! I think that it will be used as amazing material for connect groups and bible studies."


For me the book is hilarious

"There is also a part in the book that really made me weep to the point where I had to stop and get myself back together again. Chapter 9 was probably my favorite chapter. I saw so much of the gardener in ME.”


I cried, I laughed, but mostly God ministered to my heart.

“I read your book last night for the second time and wanted to let you know how much it touched my heart and really made me take a good look at my heart and realize how much gardening I need."


I’m enjoying your book so much more even the second time around.

“Oh, my! Do I ever need some yard work! We just finished moving that huge bolder today.”


Creatively written

"It was inspiring and convicting and encouraging. I have already passed it along to a friend who needed encouragement in her ‘garden’! ”


I absolutely love it

"The book the Lord downloaded into your heart and penned on pages is incredible!"


I highly recommend it!

“I started reading the book and I absolutely love it. What a wonderful author and what a wonderful gift. Thank you very much.”


I am looooving it!!!!

"I have such an excitement within while reading it. One thing I have been reminded of while reading is that the faith-rest life is so much easier without weeds in my garden (heart)."


Touched my heart

"Please keep writing, I am sure you have touched many lives with the Holy Spirit that is living in you. The first time I read it I really liked it and thought it was good, but the second time I read it, it really brought it close to my heart and my heartache. I cried, I laughed, but mostly God ministered to my heart."


I can hardly contain my tears

"I can relate to my own past experiences, knowing that Christ died for me and how you are comparing it to the garden! I would like to purchase several more of your books to send to special friends.”


I love it!

“Thank you so much for your book, The Master Gardener! I love it! I love the questions of reflection and the prayers at the end, they are all so encouraging.”

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